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About Union Fasteners

Union Fasteners has been in operation for over 40 years making it Britain’s fastener supplier of choice. It operates in a wide range of industries and hostile environments, specifically those operating in oil and gas, petrochemicals, defence and construction.

Union Fasteners pride themselves on their ability to create ‘made to deliver’ individual fasteners and solutions quickly and effectively, whilst putting their customers’ needs at the centre of the business. They do this by creating quality goods, to a high standard, on time.

With a mix of unparalleled engineering experience and second to none manufacturing capabilities, Union Fasteners are the go-to fastener supplier in UK

A Flexible Approach

Short lead times, small minimum order quantities and quality assurance make our flexible solutions the ideal choice for all your fastener needs.

Understanding Your Needs

We have a partnership approach with our customers, allowing us to understand each business individually so that we are able to bring our specialist knowledge and technical proficiency to fulfil every order.

Quality Assured

We take collective and individual responsibility to maximise the highest quality standards, while prioritising safety in the workplace.

Added Value

Our unique intelligent stocking system allows us to learn and anticipate the needs of our customers, saving you money and time. We prioritise innovation, product and customer service.

Our Promise

We are agile and reactive so we can quickly respond and react to your needs. We strive to delight customers by ensuring the highest quality products and services , while working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for customers and colleagues.

Our Products

To allow Union Fasteners to offer short lead times we always have some products in stock as a minimum. To see the list, download our full brochure, or speak to our sales team

We also hold an extensive range of Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex, and High Nickel Alloy bars in stock. All products from bar are machined using our extensive range of CNC capacity operating over two shifts, including thread rolling machines with a maximum size of 4” diameter. For larger volumes we utilize the local hot and cold forging companies who supply blanks from our free issue material. 

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Our Management Team

Meet the management team behind Union Fasteners:

  • Adrian Garrett

    Managing Director
  • Tara Nicholls

    General Manager
  • David Barber

    Senior Sales Execuitive
  • Jon Frewin

    TGM Founding Partner

Our Culture

Our values as a business are fundamental to not only our external brand, but also, the culture of our business and how this influences our actions and beliefs.

Our values are:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity

We strive at all times to delight our customers by ensuring our products and services are of the highest quality. We work together to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers and colleagues. We take collective and individual responsibility to maximise safety in the workplace and to minimise our impact on the environment. We work with honesty and integrity at all times.