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Our made to deliver fastener solutions are made possible by our high quality service and depth of understanding of the marketplace.

Our extensive product range, unparalleled engineering experience and second to none manufacturing capabilities combine to offer our customers the highest quality solutions.

Ordering with us is easy

We put our customers at the centre of our business and take pride in producing ‘made to deliver’ individual solutions quickly and effectively.

Short lead times, small minimum order quantities and quality assurance make our flexible solutions the ideal choice for all your fastener needs.

Our sales team not only understand our portfolio of products, but they are also your first point of contact to source and order exactly what you need. From stud bolts to socket capscrews in an array of specifications and finishes, our broad range of industrial fasteners are available from quantities to high volume orders. Produced to meet short lead times and customers’ specific requirements, our solutions are delivered on time, every time.

Fastener solutions for every environment

We supply fastener solutions in a wide range of special and difficult-to-machine metals for use in a wide variety of scenarios, including hostile environments.

We always have some products in stock as a minimum – to see the full list, download our brochure here, or speak to our sales team.